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Online Certificate Program

Program Description

This is a 12-week, structured online training program designed to change your life forever! This program is to guide you to have it all within the least possible time!

You can join the program at anytime and any place in the world, as long as you have Internet connection. In this 12-week online training program, you will receive training materials every week. Each week you need to follow the instructions to do your homework, so that you can enjoy the progressive learning experience. If you allow the homework to pile up, you will feel burdened. The assigned homework is fun and easy to finish. Please allow yourself to enjoy the process. Remember, your mission is to teach others to enjoy life. So, serve as a good role model!

The objective of this online certificate program is to guide you to enjoy a state of healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy income within the least possible time. As a result, you can teach others to do the same! Once you complete this online certificate program, you will be equipped with authentic knowledge, skills, and positive mental attitude and most of all, COFIDENCE to guide others to achieve a state of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Healthy Income as well. The more people in the world can achieve this state, the more the world will be filled with peace, harmony, abundance, and happiness.

You may opt to take more training courses offered by the Academy of Vibrant Health, LLC. to enhance your knowledge and skills in holistic health. However, you can start your endeavor of guiding others in an individual or group (class) setting based on what you have learned from this program.

The knowledge and skills from this online training program is the condensation of life long experience, research, and empirical experiments of Dr. Juliet Tien (affectionately addressed by her clients as Dr. J). Everything you will learn in this program is authentic. Only graduates with a written certificate may teach this course. A non-graduate of this program may not teach others in a right way. Misguiding people intentionally or unintentionally has severe consequences both in human and spiritual courts. Individuals who truly have achieved a state of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Healthy Income will not, and need not put themselves on a wrong track!

The course materials are written in English at the time being. You must have good English reading comprehension to enjoy and benefit from the training program. However, you may teach in your mother tongue once you digest and absorb the principles taught in this program. Remember, you must have a written graduation certificate to teach this program regardless of the language you will use in the teaching!

Here is the content table:

Week1: Overview and Instructions
Week 2: Causes of Dis-eases
Week 3: Healthy Meal Plan: Anti-Yeast Nutritional program
Week 4: Developing and Maintaining a Healthy Life style
Bonus: Chinese Herbal Therapy for Healing and Nurturing
Week 5: Reconcile Letters to Release Age-Long Negative Emotions
Week 6: Rose Technique to Release Deep Negative Emotions Instantly
Week 7: 10-Minute Meditation for Daily Stress Management
Week 8: Spiritual Harmony for Peace and Harmony
Week 9: How to Create Prosperity
Week 10: How to Keep your Receiving Pipeline Clear and Free Flowing
Week 11: Speed Prosperity
Week 12: Plans for Teaching the Program and Graduation


The special for this life changing certificate program is $ 5,700.00 USD. This is a very reasonable investment considering that you have the certificate to teach this program unlimitedly for life once you graduate. You will not be charged “licensing fee” or commission. Three-installment payment plan at 4-week interval is available at $ 2,000.00 each if you pay by acceptable credit card. The tuition fees may increase after the special.

If you don’t have the funds now and really want to participate in this program, MANIFEST: ask the universe to bring you the financial resources to accomplish the task. If it’s meant to be, a way would be made for you to attend this life-changing program.

The program fee is non-refundable. So, please be sure that you are serious about attending and finishing this program. This is a commitment to your self-growth and to your contribution to the world. So, be serious!

Payment methods:

For approved countries, MasterCard or visa is acceptable. If the country you reside in is not on the approval list, or you don’t have a credit card, you may wire the fund through your bank (wiring instruction will be given upon request), or you will need to transfer cash in the full amount in USD through Western Union to Juliet Tien in Los Angeles, U. S. A. Once the tuition is received through wiring or cash, you may begin your training program within 24 hours (unless it’s weekend or holiday, then you have to wait for the next business day).

That’s it! We try to KISS –Keep It Simple and Smart! If you have any questions, please e-mail to:

See you soon at the top!

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Tel: 818-472-2213 (International)
Skype: academyofvibranthealth
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P. S. Some students just informed me that you could take a loan through PayPal. Please check out the alternatives. When there is a will, there is a way!


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