Corporate Total Wellbeing Mastery Program (CTWMP)

This Cooperate Total Wellbeing Mastery Program (CTWMP) is designed for cooperate executives and/or their company employees.

As the leader of your company, you would like to be THE BEST YOU CAN BE, so that you can lead your company to the highest level of success possible. Thus, there are two components in this program: The Cooperate Total Wellbeing Mastery Program (CTWMP) for individual Cooperate Executives, and The Total Wellbeing Mastery Program (CTWMP) for your company employees. The following are brief descriptions:

The Cooperate Total Wellbeing Mastery Program (CTWMP) for Cooperate Executives:

This is a year-long, high-quality, detail-oriented, and result-focused program.  Every enrollee will be in close contact with me during the period of enrollment. I will be “holding your hand” so to speak, utilizing my more than four decades of personal and professional experience to help you achieve the health goals in your life, including physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship, and financial aspects.  It does not matter whether you are practical or metaphysical, the program will guide you to achieve total balance in your life, so that you will have a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy income!  Basically you will have it all and enjoy being the best you can be!

The program includes weekly individual consultation, covering nutritional counseling, herbal therapy (a whole-year supply of herbal supplements I formulated), stress management, releasing of pent-up negative emotions, wealth building, and many more tools for you to achieve the best results possible.

The Cooperate Total Wellbeing Mastery Program (CTWMP) for Your Company Employees:

This program is customized based on the needs of your employees, and the budget of your company. The end results include measurable improved overall health, reduced sick leaves, uplifted moral, and increased productivity and company profitability.

The program includes bi-monthly group conference calls for Q&A’s, basic on-going herbal detox programs, hormonal regeneration programs (private-brand herbal supplements included), nutritional counseling, stress reduction, 10-Minute group meditation, simple exercise program without going to the gym, etc.

Because positive change takes time, the minimum contract is one-year for your employees to demonstrate marked improvement. The contract can be renewed based on the needs of your employees and the budget of your company.

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