Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse

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What are candida, yeasts, and parasites?
​​Candida and yeasts are part of fungi family. Candida is part of yeasts, and candida alone has at lease 40 to 50 pathological strains. Since yeasts and parasites go hand in hand, it’s important to remove the harmful substances simultaneously from your body. When you suffer from systemic infections, chances are you are also under a lot of stress. Therefore, both physical and mental toxins need to be removed.

This Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse - - starter program enables your body to detox within the least possible time. Once you gain the strength physically, you will be more able to work on removing "mental toxins." Therefore, if you are not ready to remove mental toxins financially and/or emotionally, I recommend that you start from physical detox first.

​Most of my clients first approached me to improve their physical health. When they are on a tight budget for health, I usually start them on a three-month starter program to remove excess harmful yeasts and parasites, and build up their immunity and energy.

If you place an order today, you will get a three-month supply of Herbal Detox (Yeast-Para Control and Cleansing-Balance Tea) and Female Vitality or Male Vitality to remove toxins, increase energy, improve mental concentration, balance hormones, and uplift your moods. These herbal formulas were created by me about 20 years ago, and are still in great demand today. You will also get the following priceless bonuses:

Bonus #1: Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Based on my more than four decades of clinical experience, I have designed this questionnaire to help my clients track their progress. It’s yours free, if you order the Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse - - three-month starter program today.

Bonus # 2: My recent edition (5th ed.) of e-book:
Breaking the Yeast Curse: Food and Unconditional Love for Magic Healing
This book will give you information in terms of why you experience overgrowth of yeasts and parasites, and the treatment and prevention methods for candida, yeast, and parasitic infection. My clients considered this book as the “Bible of Health.” It’s yours free, if you order the Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse program today.

Bonus # 3: My recent edition (5th ed.) of anti-yeast cookbook
Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J’s Anti-Yeast Cooking
This simple and easy to follow yeast-free cookbook will show you step by step how to prepare nutritious and delicious meals to build your immunity and energy and save you grocery bills by 30 to 50% as well! It’s yours free, if you order the Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse program today.

Bonus # 4: Unlimited email support from me regarding the program pertaining to your physical ailments for three months. Again, you can enjoy three months of e-mail consultation for free if you order the Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse program today.

For all the above offers, your investment is only $ 597.00 in the U.S.
Additional $50.00 is for international shipping and handling for a three-month supply of our private-brand herbal formulas.

If you value your health, you know this is a very reasonable investment. This special is a limited time offer.

Feel free to contact me via Tel: 818-472-2213, or email:, if you need further information or schedule customized individual consultation sessions with me.

(Three-month supply of herbal supplements:
​Yeast-Para Control + Cleansing-Balance Tea + Female Vitality or Male Vitality)

Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse -- ​ ​

Three-month Starter Program

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Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse - - three-month starter program (In US : $ 597.00 (USD​​)

Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse - - three-month starter program ( International : $ 647.00 (USD)​​

Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse: All items listed above and three-month supply of herbal supplements: ($ 597.00 -- free S+H for a three-month supply of herbal formulas in the U. S. For international orders: add $ 50.00 for S+H

(5th ed. digitally transmitted books)

Please note:

​​After you go through three months of Basic Candida-Yeast-Parasite Cleanse, please call or email our office to discuss whether it's suitable for you to go on Comprehensive or Herbal Maintenance programs -- a year-long program.