Dr. J helped me @ a crucial time in my life. I had just had a thyroidectomy due to cancer. I had gone through so many chemical imbalances because of not having my main hormone. I lived on the couch and became so depressed. I read an article about her that had come in the mail. I called her office to make an appt. to see Dr. J. Mind you, I had gone to several Dr's. No one could help me. She took one look at me and said "I can help you!" She put me on her Herbal Detox program and taught me to change my diet to a dairy free, sugar free, yeast free program. It was difficult at first but I stuck with it. My life changed dramatically. I lost a lot of weight and became so healthy. I had so many toxins in my body from the radiation I went through plus other things. Thank God that he led me to her and that following her advice/program, I have my life back now. Thank you Dr. J!

J. A. California, U. S. A.

I have been on Dr. J's anti-yeast nutritional program, and herbal detox, as well as hormonal balance program for years to maintain good health. Recently I took her Module 3: Healthy Income course. Many miracles have happened. I followed Dr. J advise, whether my perception of the "gift from the universe" was small or big, I needed to learn to thank the universe profusely. As a result, I seem to receive bigger unexpected "gifts" as the time goes by. It's fun to send Dr. J "progress reports" periodically!

T. C. New York, U. S. A.​

I am 72 years old. Dr. J told me that age doesn’t matter and that I can accomplish what I need, want, and desire just like young people. I used her Herbal Detox program and passed some kidney stones and lost the stubborn love handle. I also began to use her free gift to attract prosperity. I have been amazed about how simple and effective her guidance is! Now I got a new job as a health coach – exactly what I want. I also received unexpected income! Basically it covers all bases, and I have no fear now! Best of all, it’s effortless like Dr. J advised!

D. R. Washington, U. S. A.

​I saw Dr. J for a private consultation session about two months ago. She helped me “cut through the jungle” and clear my path instantly. I become crystal clear in terms how to handle my age-long confusion and regrets. Her mantra to attract prosperity was just amazing. First I used the holiday season as an excuse to cover up my laziness and doubt. But, upon her insistence, I recite the mantra for a month. I then received $ 2,000 as an unexpected income, and I was also paid $ 500 for the group I was running. All these came to me effortlessly and unexpectedly. Thank you Dr. J!

R. H. California, U. S. A.

​I suffered from chronic fatigue, mind fog, fibromyalgia, and depression for years. I did not have much hope for myself as a young man, until I found Dr. J on the Internet. She put me on her Anti-Yeast Nutritional Program, Chinese herbal therapy, and mind-cleansing program. Shortly after a month, my symptoms improved, and I met a girl who is very wealthy and devoting to me. You are right, Dr. J! I can have it all when I am in the right frame of mind!

C. N. Pennsylvania, U. S. A.

I saw Dr. J for a three-month Weight Control Program. I lost weight physically, and most importantly, I lost mental weight! Dr. J helped me change my outlook on life. I was able to accept and forgive the "wrong doers" in my life, including my ex-husband and my parents. After writing a "reconcile letter" to my ex, our relationship had dramatically improved. Right now I am on very good terms with my ex. He even helped me find a new job within a month after I suddenly lost my previous job​. Life is much easier and more enjoyable without all that extra physical and mental weight!

M. L. Florida, U. S. A.​

​I had asthma since I could remember. I strongly disagreed with Dr. J when she told me that I needed to clean up mental toxins that I stuffed in my chest. But one day when the memory of frustration in communicating with my aunt came back to me, I cried, cried and cried. I decided to go back to Dr. J for assistance to clean up my physical and emotional toxins. After a few sessions, I had no more asthmatic attacks and did not need to carry my inhaler to work. Best of all, Dr. J taught me how to attract prosperity effortlessly. Life with a healthy body, health mind, and healthy income is certainly very enjoyable! Thank you Dr. J! ​

K.M. Queensland, Australia

I suffered from ear ringing (tinnitus) for years. I tried just about everything under the sky, but nothing worked with long-lasting results. Then a friend of mine introduced me to Dr. J. After a few sessions on Skype, Dr. J helped me recognize what I didn’t want to hear and dealt with it effectively. She also put me on her anti-yeast nutritional program and herbal products to clear my ear infections and clear the passage. She also helped me eliminate financial stress by attracting abundance effortlessly. What an inspirational experience!

D. S. London, England

Aloha Dear Dr J!!!!

Just a note to express my sincere gratitude to you for your work in the world
and just how splendid your products and program is working for me!! I have
been on just a short while and have NEVER felt better in my life! I have also lost weight in a healthy way! Look forward to continuing this program FOREVER!!!!

J. M. Calgary, Canada

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